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Class2Class is a collaborative learning platform and global network that provides universities, businesses, and organizations with an interactive and neutral "Third Space" to connect, create, and manage project-based courses together.

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Create Global Change Through Virtual Exchange

We designed an all-in-one virtual exchange platform that provides a fully FERPA compliant, neutral "third space" for global partnerships.

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Why now?

  • Need new business models that align better with current world challenges
  • Need to differentiate themselves
  • Students don't want to graduate from "Zoom University"
Consortiums and NGOs
  • Need help on projects
  • Need help finding employees and volunteers
  • Need a secure and streamlined way to communicate with members inside and outside of organization
  • Need help on projects
  • Looking for students with 21st century skills
  • Need help designing new and engaging learning programs for global workforce
The power of collaboration

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Our community of instructors, faculty members, and curriculum designers is growing each day
Easily invite your university partners to the platform or connect with administrators at other universities
Find instructors, NGOs, companies, and consortiums to connect with from all around the world

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Learn how organizations around the world are using Class2Class to develop value-creating collaborations.
28/29 Jan. 2021

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"Changing the World Through Best COIL Practices: A Spotlight on Student Success". 

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