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Faculty Support During A Virtual Exchange Program

Give your hardworking faculty some love too! Here are some ways how you can show that you are your team’s number one fan.

Oct 22, 2021

Not only your virtual exchange students should be provided with encouragement. Your faculty members are one of the main factors that would determine the success of the program, which is why it is important to support them.

Give your hardworking faculty some love too! Here are some ways how you can show that you are your team’s number one fan.

Share everyone’s success

Recognise your faculty members for their achievements and share their success stories. This is not only important for the individual, but also for the organisation as a whole. Recognising everyone’s hard work and success will encourage your team to do their best and work even harder. This can be done by giving them awards or showcasing them on your website or social media pages.

Provide training

This one is really important. Some faculty members may feel like they are getting behind if they lack support from their administrators. Provide enough training opportunities for your faculty to enhance their skills and help them develop further as a professional. You might also want to provide training for faculty members of your partner institutions so that they can get to know your university and how you work better, and help them build better working relationships with your own faculty.

These training programs could include:

  • How to effectively design course programs
  • Efficient facilitation of virtual classes
  • How to select the best technology to use for virtual programs
  • Evaluating virtual exchange students properly

Give additional benefits

Of course, the best thing to do when you want to motivate your faculty members is to use positive reinforcement. By doing so, you’ll be rewarding their hard work and they’ll be encouraged to work even harder. Additional benefits can include bonus pays, stipends or allowances, insurance plans, or time off to lessen their work stress.

Lessen course load and expectations

Speaking of work stress, your faculty members might greatly appreciate it if their administration would lessen their course load. Maintaining high standards for instructors is a must, but make sure that these standards are attainable to avoid stressing them out as this may lead to poor performance at work.

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By Suzanne Orzech, Chief Marketing Officer of Class2Class™

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