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The ultimate platform for NGOs to collaborate remotely

ImmerseU is a collaborative platform that breaks down barriers for NGOs, making it easy to connect all of your staff, volunteers, and donors while avoiding security vulnerabilities that come from using multiple tools.

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Manage, coordinate and communicate easily and safely.

A next generation, cloud-based platform that integrates collaborative learning, management and communication tools. Reduces the risks of security breaches and eliminates the need for your NGO to rely on multiple systems saving you time, work, and costs.

Ensure secure communication for your NGO.

Communication is the key — ensure your NGO is always on the same page with ImmerseU's integrated collaborative environments. Share documents, direct messages, and video in a safe environment that is privacy-compliant.

Secure and safe, with GDPR and FERPA compliance built in.
Communication tools to collaborate remotely with your partnering groups and organizations.

Create your mission and establish your goals.

Get everyone on the same page and always up-to-date with the organizational dashboard and homepage. Set your mission and start establishing achievable goals so you can build a movement for change.

One dashboard to manage your collaborations.
Keep everyone up-to-date with a homepage.

Make better use of your time.

With the ImmerseU app, you can be wherever you want—in the office or on-the-go—and still make better use of your time. Connect with staff, volunteers and donors in real time, no matter where you are.

Mobile app to stay connected anytime, anywhere.
Manage all your staff, volunteers, and donors with one platform.

"This is an answer to our prayers really."

Mirjam Hauck, Open University UK


The all-in-one collaboration platform for your NGO.

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