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Join a global community of COIL instructors. Host COIL/VE courses with our built-in lesson tools and activities.

We charge a fee when you host a virtual program.

Find other instructors to collaborate with from around the world.

Create and manage shared lessons and activities.

Work together in a virtual collaboration room.

Use discussion boards, video conferencing, and language exchange activities.

Launch transformative international programs.

“Class2Class is ideally suited to support the community of practice around VE. It provides professors the ability to build out their VE projects in this space along with find one another and share resources. It really creates a sense of community around what is happening which can really only benefit everyone involved.”

Jan McCauley, SUNY COIL Center

Join the world's fastest growing learning platform for COIL instructors.


One platform to manage all your international programs and partnerships.

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Manage all your partnerships in one place.

Invite your university partners to the platform.

Connect with educators from around the world.

Help your instructors find collaboration partners.

Design engaging collaborative programs and activities.

Keep your network updated with a home page.

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“It's never been easier to create and manage partnerships. This platform is making virtual collaborative learning a reality.“

Keiko Ikeda, Kansai University

Join the world's fastest growing learning platform for virtual exchange administrators.

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Join the world's fastest growing learning platform for international programs.

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