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Supporting Your Virtual Exchange Students

Here are some helpful tips on how you, as an administrator, can support your virtual exchange students.

Oct 20, 2021

When you first start hosting exchange students on your virtual campus, you might not realize how important it is to provide them with a safe and welcoming environment. But as your program progresses, you’ll notice that the more comfortable and supported your students feel, the more they’ll be able to enjoy their time with you and learn from this experience.

With that, here are some helpful tips on how you, as an administrator, can support your virtual exchange students.

Create an in-depth application process

Virtual learning can be tough. Students need to know how to manage their time and take initiative with their education. No matter what type of student you are targeting or how you design your program, it’s critical that you have a thorough screening process.

When screening applicants for the virtual exchange program, it’s helpful to consider these questions:

  • Is the student technically equipped?
  • If not, will the university’s program have the budget to provide technology for its students?
  • Why does the student want to join the virtual exchange program?
  • How can this program help the student academically?

Make an informative orientation program

Providing a thorough orientation is essential for your virtual students to be successful. Cover topics such as access to the online program, navigation, and communication with instructors to ensure that students don't lose their way. These are all critical to the success of the program because if the students find the program confusing, they may lose interest. Make sure to also give students the chance to ask any additional questions that they might have!

Do regular check-ups on your students and faculty

Online classes can give both students and instructors flexibility and independence. However, some may be unaware that they will still be expected to follow the institution’s guidelines and will be held accountable for their progress. Thus, it is important to check in on them every once in a while. These meetings should be about everyone’s weekly progress and setting goals for the following week to complete the course on time.

Build a wholesome community for everyone

While it may be hard for some students to feel connected to their peers due to physical distance and the virtual class setting, encouraging students to share their progress can help them feel more connected to their class. You may also want to hold regular informal meetings with faculty members to catch up with them. Studying does not have to be serious all the time! Let everyone share their fun experiences for them to feel a sense of belongingness.

Support your students and faculty with a virtual campus.

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By Suzanne Orzech, Chief Marketing Officer of Class2Class™

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