What we believe

Cross Institutional and Industry collaborations are the key to a sustainable future.

We believe that University and Industry collaborations are the key to helping students gain 21st century skills such as global or intercultural competency, are the key to addressing nationalism and xenophobia, and are critical for building a more inclusive and peaceful global society. Our leadership team is diverse and includes members with extensive experience working with underrepresented populations and advocating for diversity and equity in higher education and the public and private sectors. Our company is deeply committed to making sure that the values and principles of ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability are part of our technology solutions at all stages of development and implementation process.

Our Team

A mixture of interdisciplinary innovators, makers, and do'ers.

Matthew Hightower
Chief Executive Officer
Loye Sekihata Ashton
Chief Academic Officer
Kris Erickson
Head of Engineering
Noel Didla
Dir. of Cultural Equity and Inclusion
Brian Broerman
Chief Product Officer
Suzanne Orzech
Educational Consultant
Joseph Martin Stevenson
Provost, Global Digital Academy
Jim Elwood
Japan-US Liaison
Maddie Piffard
Chief Design Officer
Tom Mason
Head of Partnership Dev.
Karen Wilson- Stevenson
Professor-in-Residence of Educational Studies
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Our Advisors

A growing team of innovators, makers and thinkers.

Dr. Keiko Ikeda
VP of IIGE, Director of Success Osaka, Consultant E-learning MEXT
Jon Rubin
Started SUNY COIL Center, University Consultant for VE
Dr. Darla Deardorff
President of AIEA, Faculty at Duke
Stephen Tschudi
PBLL Expert at University of Hawaii
Dr. Julio Rodriguez
Director of Technology and Innovation Center at University of Hawaii
Dr. David Flint
MGMT Professor at Texas A&M University
Virginia Keehan CFA
Senior Lead S&P Global Market Intelligence
Cole Knuth
VP of International, Pax8
John Wilson
Head of Sales for IOT at Cisco
Mary Lou Forward
Director of the SUNY COIL Center
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“Because we are a benefit corporation, principles matter as much to us as profit.  Working to be better at being human drives us forward.  At Class2Class our passion is to help students overcome fear, isolation, and social distancing through the use of a technological platform, ImmerseU, that enables virtual engagement and meaningful interaction in a digital learning environment."

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Loye Ashton, Chief Academic Officer
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