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The Collaboration Portal That Integrates With Your Consortium

ImmerseU is an all-in-one collaborative learning platform for consortiums. We integrate with the systems of your members and meet your compliance requirements. Your members can seamlessly collaborate and host virtual programs.

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The Consortium Hub.

The hub for consortiums to take control of their learning management systems. We eliminate the need for expensive integrations with a secure and privacy-compliant platform. Streamline the process of hosting virtual programs across your member institutions.

The program management platform for consortiums.

We have built ImmerseU to simplify the administration of educational activities across all your institutions and programs, saving you time, effort, and costs. ImmerseU's administrative tools makes it easy to organize and maintain your organization.

One Dashboard to manage your network and programs.
Help your staff find collaboration partners.
Keep your network updated with a home page.

Virtual collaboration for all your members.

Empower your members to collaborate in a private and secure environment. With integrated rooms for video conferencing, discussions, and course planning, you can make collaboration easy.

Collaboration rooms for your inter-institutional work.
Built-in tools to plan and host virtual programs.

A streamlined, integrated solution for consortiums.

One account to manage all your activities. ImmerseU allows you to integrate with a variety of different learning management systems that are used across your consortium. This keeps your educational initiatives compliant, reduces your risk of security breaches, and makes administration a breeze.

Integrates with your member institutions' learning management systems.
Secure and safe, with GDPR and FERPA compliance built in.

"This is an answer to our prayers really."

Mirjam Hauck, Open University UK


The collaboration portal for all of your consortium.

Join the world's fastest growing virtual learning platform for consortiums.

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