Privacy Policy

Revised June 4, 2020


The Class2Class platform is dedicated to respecting the privacy of its users. It provides a secured and safe environment for schools, teachers and pupils to collaborate and share with one another. The following statement outlines the policies by which the Class2Class platform collects, manages and uses the data provided by its users.

As the Class2Class Platform – which encompasses the Class2Class Website, Web, IOS, and Android applications – collects and further processes personal data, it is subject to Regulation (EC) 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2000 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the European Community institutions and bodies and on the free movement of such data (OJ L8 of 12.1.2001, p. 1.).

Data Collected

How and why is information collected?

Personal information

The personal data collected by the Class2Class platform may include some or all of the fields below, depending on the user’s preferences:

  • Email, first name, last name, role at school (student or teacher), native language
  • School data such as: name, contact info, director info and location
  • Classroom data such as: rosters, assignments, and chat messages

This data will be securely stored on a remote Linux server, transported over SSL.

Device Permissions

Class2Class’s mobile apps require certain user-granted permissions in order to access the device’s hardware to perform its’ tasks. The following list represents the permissions that may be requested along with a justification

Photos, Media, and Files
  • Ability to read, modify, or delete contents of USB storage
  • Needed to store and retrieve recorded media for use in the messaging system or for a profile picture
  • Ability to read, modify, or delete contents of USB storage
  • Needed for media storage as mentioned above, as well as saving user-specific data and/or caching.
  • Ability to take pictures and videos
  • Needed so user can upload a profile picture, send a multimedia message, or engage in a video chat
  • Ability to record audio
  • Needed so user can send audio messages
  • Receive data from Internet, view network connections, full network access
    - Needed to communicate with the server securely over HTTPS
  • Change your audio settings
    - Needed to allow controls within audio recorder
  • Read Google service configuration
    - Needed to configure push notifications
  • Prevent device from sleeping
    - Permission added from Google Play Services to allow Firebase push notifications

Data Usage

What is my data used for?

The storage, processing and displaying of data is necessary to:

  • allow registrants to find partners and set up projects;
  • provide information about the Class2Class projects;
  • in general, allow Class2Class registrants to communicate and collaborate in the spirit of mutual trust and respect; and,
  • allow and facilitate monitoring and research activities.

Aggregated statistics are collected regularly, including, but not limited to, the number of users during a specific period, the preferred subjects and/or countries chosen by teachers and account usage. In an effort to maximise user experience, the Class2Class Portal may keep track of user frequency, habits, preferences and settings.

Data related to user behaviour within the various areas of the Class2Class platform may be used only for the purpose to carry out research and monitoring by Class2Class and other third parties (for instance, duly authorised research centres and universities).
Data shall not be processed for any other purpose.

Data Access

Who has access to my information and to whom is it disclosed?

For the purposes detailed above, access to the data is strictly limited to:

  • Class2Class registrants (upon login on the Desktop): Full set of data except personal information, such as registrant’s email address and school leader’s data
  • Class2Class Data Controller, and Management team in order to maximize user experience.

The transfer of specific data to other third parties (e.g., research centers and universities) can be permitted under specific authorisation of the Data Controller. Whenever possible, data will be processed in an anonymous way, especially if transferred to third parties for research purposes.

Personal data will never be used for marketing purposes and will never be sold to third parties outside of Research centers and Universities.